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  • National Academic Consortium for Homeland Security (NACHS)
    • "public and private academic institutions engaged in scientific research, technology development and transition, education and training, and service programs concerned with current and future U.S. national security challenges, issues, problems and solutions, at home and around the world"
    • The specific objectives of the Consortium are to help:
        (1) Improve understanding of national security issues, especially terrorism and strategies for counter-terrorism;
        (2) Promote development of better-informed public policy, strategy, plans and programs regarding national security issues;
        (3) Develop new technologies and transition those technologies into effective, practical and affordable solutions to (current and future) international and homeland security problems; and
        (4) Educate and train the people required by governmental and non-governmental organizations, to effectively accomplish international and homeland security roles and responsibilities.

  • Homeland Security / Defense Education Consortium (HSDEC)
    • "... is a network of teaching and research institutions focused on promoting education, research, and cooperation related to and supporting the homeland security / defense mission. The consortium is committed to building and maintaining a community of higher education institutions supporting this mission and the overall homeland security effort through the sharing and advancement of knowledge."
    • HSDEC Tenets:
      • Ensure the Department of Defense (NORAD/NORTHCOM) role in, and perspective on, homeland security is adequately and accurately reflected in educational initiatives.
      • Promote and facilitate homeland security related education program development.
      • Focus and facilitate homeland security related research and development.
      • Encourage cooperation between consortium institutions.

  • Center for Collaborative Research & Training (CCRT), Ft. McClellan, AL
    • The mission of the CCRT is to develop programs that will, through research and education, focus on providing valuable training and operations/management skills to corporate and public executives and managers needed to optimize their decision making capabilities when dealing with emergency operations. The CCRT will support as part of its mission the policy change announced by the Department of Homeland Security on October 19, 2005 to decentralize responder training through universities and colleges. [from Executive Summary fact sheet from CCRT]
    • The establishment of the Center at Ft. McClellan will promote collaboration with two major homeland security training activities; The FEMA Noble Training Center and the ODP Center for Domestic Preparedness. [from Executive Summary fact sheet from CCRT]
    • The Center for Collaborative Research & Training (CCRT) has already been accepted as part of the Technology Acceleration for National Security (TANS) Network, which has a formal strategic and business partnership with the Department of Homeland Security to facilitate technological development in support of homeland security. [from Executive Summary fact sheet from CCRT]

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